If you are reading this, you have probably discovered mold in your home and you need a Toronto mold removal company. Mold is a serious problem that can lead to severe health problems, so you need to make sure the contamination is properly dealt with.

You might be tempted to hire the first or cheapest company you find in the Yellow Pages, but this is a serious problem that you have to be careful about. You’ll have to do a bit of research, but this will help make sure you hire someone who will really remove the mold from your house.

Many companies say they are mold removal experts, but how can you be sure? There are a few simple questions you should ask before deciding to hire that company. These questions will “vet” the mold removal company, and ensure that you are talking to a professional who can actually handle the mold problem the proper way, instead of just trying to mask or cover up the problem.

Does your company’s liability insurance policy clearly state that you are covered for working with mold? If not, the company is not carrying the right coverage and you should steer clear.

Are you certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification? The IICRC confirms that a company has technicians who are trained well and tested in the use of mold removal protocols.

Will your company encourage me to use a third party for job clearance? Using a third party for job clearance after the mold removal is done ensures that the job is done right and the mold is actually removed. If the company insists they can handle job clearance on their own, be wary—this is a conflict of interest, because they obviously won’t say, “No, the job isn’t done yet.”

Will your company provide me with a copy of the mold clean-up protocol and scope of work detailing what you’re going to do to remove the mold? Are you going to remove the mold or just cover it up? Some unscrupulous “mold removal” contractors just “seal” or “encapsulate” the mold, which just covers it up. To properly handle a mold problem, it must be fully removed or it will just get worse.

Will your company provide me with a written work guarantee on the mold removal?

A reputable, professional mold removal company will be able to meet all of the above criteria with flying colours. Once you’ve identified a couple of companies that meet those criteria, you can then see which company best fits your budget and time constraints. You should not just go for the cheapest option until you’ve assured yourself you are dealing with professional mold removal companies, or you might find yourself paying more in the end to have the mold “removed again.” You can avoid future problems and expense in removing the mold contamination by making sure the job is done right the first time, by a professional who is properly trained in such clean-up jobs.