Mold Prevention

Unfortunately our homes and buildings are not manufactured in factories. Materials including drywall and lumber when exposed to the natural elements become damp or saturated, thus shortening the lifespan of the product. Whenever building materials remain damp the potential for mold growth will often occur. To avoid mold, the key is to prevent moisture from coming in contact with organic material, or should moisture occur to dry immediately. Alternatively pre-treatment can save you money down the road.

The RES Solution

Relative Environmental Services uses antimicrobial coatings backed with a 20 year manufacturer warranty covering both material and remediation. The cost of treating your lumber is minimal compared to the costs potential mold damage should it occur.

RES Antimicrobial Treatments provide solutions that help you:

Provide your clients with a peace of mind against mold growth and wood decay fungi
Avoid costly mold related remediation delays
Differentiate yourself by implementing antimicrobial coatings into your home or ongoing projects