Additional Services

Thermal Camera Investigation

After there has been water damage in your home, sometimes, you are not able to see the potential of mold growing or if there are any exposed structures that will require repair. By using thermal imaging we are able to detect when moisture, heat, cold or wood destroying insects are introduced in your home. Our technology may even uncover previous water damage restoration repairs which were not rectified correctly.

Intrusive Inspections

At Relative Environmental Services we are conduct an intrusive inspection which will allow our staff to pinpoint where the proximate cause of the damage. Whether it is broken clay pipes or corroded lead pipes, with our scope we are able find out where the damage is originating from and plan the course of action.

Moisture Readings

At Relative Environmental Services we are able to determine where the moisture is entering your home, without causing damage to the existing foundation. We are able to asses and determine if the moisture leak is coming from within the drywall, plaster, wood, block foundation or even within the bricks.

IDAQ Sampling & Testing

At Relative Environmental Services we are able to determine if there is a toxic mold growth in your home by taking samples of pollutants within your home. Just one sample and we will be able to determine if your home or business is safe or if there are dangerous toxins in the air.

Site Inspections

By conducting onsite residential & commercial inspections, our knowledgeable staff at Relative Environmental will be able to determine the best course of action in the remediation of the damaged area.

Graffiti Removal

At Relative Environmental Services we are now including graffiti removal as an available service we offer to our customers. We can handle all types of graffiti removal from the smallest of jobs to the major clean ups. The techniques we currently use include power washing, media blasting and chemical removal. Our fully trained technicians handle each clean up with precision and efficacy.

Odour Removal

Have you purchased a new home and there is an unpleasant odor? Did you purchase a house that was once a grow-op?

At Relative Environment Services we take pride in knowing that the restoration job has been fully completed right down to Odor Control. Whether you require that unpleasant odor to be removed from within your home, we are equipped to handle every situation.

From restoration services including fire, flood, pet odor removal and air sanitation, our knowledgeable staff will be able to assess your situation leaving the affected with no trace of an unpleasant smell.